AXPM is now Greyfinch

We are excited to announce our new name, logo, and brand! While we still have the same mission, we have made some changes to allow us to have a better focus on our mission.

AXPM provided a full suite of services to clinics such as Marketing, Call Center, Accounting, Insurance, and Supply Procurement. While these are all great services to offer, we have now decided to prioritize our core mission ahead of everything else.

Towards the end of 2018, we sold the other components of our business in order to focus our time, resources, and money to continue to enhance our industry-leading software platform. Along with the change, we decided it was time for a fresh name. In October of 2018, we landed on Greyfinch.

Finches are one of the most adaptive species on the planet. The world is changing. Your practice is changing.

Are you adapting?

Greyfinch’s Practice Management Platform is continuously adapting to the market changes and creating software that has never existed in practice management software before.

It starts with how we develop. We are using the latest platforms and cutting edge technology to help us deliver new features to the ever-changing market of dentistry and orthodontics faster than ever before.

We are more than just a software platform, we are here to help you adapt, grow and have an automated experience for both you in practice and for your patients.

We recently released two new highly requested features with more on the way.

Collections Status with Alerts: Manage your collections in a much more streamlined way

Appointment Widget: Embedded in a Clinic’s website it allows new patients to schedule appointments 24/7. The appointments will fill directly into your schedule and the widget includes tracking with your google analytics platform.

Coming soon:

Communication Platform: Two-way texting, secure messaging, unified inboxes, internal chat with groups and more. This is a full-fledged communication platform for your practice.

Health History: You will be able to fill out all health history info which will automatically drop into your patient’s profile. You will even be able to have patients electronically sign your custom forms!

Automated Tasks/Workflow Management: as we take one step closer to having a full-fledged CRM system we will be introducing automated tasks as the first step that will allow you to automate all your workflows. All you need is a trigger and a goal, and we can automate the emails, text messages and tasks in between!

Patient App/Portal: This is a huge step to getting us closer to our goals. This will be a full self-service app and portal for patients to schedule, pay, update autopay info, generate receipts, update health information and much more. Give your patients what they want, on-demand access to their info.

Dental: The world is changing, and many more clinics are offering General, Pediatric and Orthodontics under one roof. We continue to work on adding this component to our platform and thankfully — we built it from the ground to support this!

Many smaller features and enhancements are in the works well!

The future is bright for clinics using Greyfinch, and we are excited to share in that excitement!

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